2020 March Product Special

2020 March Product Specials

Tighten & Tone
Facial Masque #1611
Restore skin’s natural smoothness and diminish the appearance of wrinkles an enlarged pores and speed the healing of
blemished skin.
Regular Price: $29.95
Special Price: $26.95

Smooth & Strengthen
Hair Repair Masque #2043
Help treat split ends, reduce breakage and tame frizzy hair, while
nourishing, re-hydrating and protecting your hair. Bring
new life, strength and shine to even heavily damaged hair.
Regular Price: $31.50
Special Price: $28.35

Cleanse & Clarify
Clarifying Clay Masque #1807
Reduce the appearance of enlarged pores while helping regulate
sebum to control oily skin and heal blemishes.
Regular Price: $25.50
Special Price: $22.95