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Our unique skin care formulas target your skin’s individual needs with cleansers, fresheners and moisturizers. All L’BRI skin care products are formulated to work in perfect harmony with nature and science to bring you a lifetime of beautiful skin. Choose from our specially selected Skin Care Trios or save a bundle when you purchase one of our Skin Care Sets.


Combination Skin

  • Two or more skin types on various parts of the face (e.g., shiny t-zone)
  • Rarely blemishes
  • Occasionally feels dry or oily.

Combination skin exhibits two or more skin type characteristics on various parts of the face. The forehead, nose and chin (known as the T-Zone) may be oily, with or without blemishes, while the cheeks and around the eyes are normal to dry.

Key Description: Asymmetric.

  • For combination skin without blemishes order the Combination Skin Trio, which consists of the Deep Pore CleanserGentle Freshener, and Gentle Moisture Lotion.
  • Exfoliate with Rejuvenating Facial Peel or Exfoliating Face and Body Scrub. The Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub is not recommended for blemished skin.
  • For combination skin with sporadic, but consistent blemish break-outs order the L’BRI Deep Pore Trio.
  • Treat and heal blemishes and control oil with the Clarifying Clay Masque.

Dry Skin

  • Feeling of tightness
  • Lack of sheen; matte finish
  • Sometimes sensitive, easily irritated

Dry skin feels tight and may exhibit visible flaking. Often delicate and easily irritated, dry skin may be sensitive to cold weather. Dry skin may have a matte finish, lack sheen and may be rough to the touch. The appearance of dry skin may be due to a superficial dry condition caused by exposure to harsh weather, sun, salty sea air or environmental pollutants. Superficial dry conditions can be aggravated by using soap as a cleanser or by failing to apply a protective moisturizer. Certain skin diseases such as eczema, mild psoriasis, or atopic dermatitis can be mistaken for dry skin.

Key Description: Underactive.

  • For dry skin, order the L’BRI Gentle Skin Care Trio.
  • For extremely dry skin, order the L’BRI Extra Dry Skin Care Trio.
  • Exfoliate with Rejuvenating Facial Peel.

Normal skin

  • Not too dry or oily.
  • Few, if any blemishes.
  • Barely visible pore.

Normal skin is the goal of every skin care program. Normal skin has few, if any, imperfections, no severe sensitivities, small, barely visible pores, is not too oily or dry with few, if any, blemishes. Normal skin appears moist, plump, and dewy. The skin is of medium thickness and even in tone. Normal skin is soft, smooth, and firm with good elasticity.

Key Description: Balanced.

  • For normal skin, order the L’BRI Gentle Skin Care Trio.
  • Exfoliate twice weekly with L’BRI Rejuvenating Facial Peel or Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub.

Oily Skin

  • Exhibits a shiny appearance.
  • Feels oily.
  • Visible medium-to-large pores.

Oily skin exhibits a shiny appearance and is usually thicker, firmer, and less sensitive to the touch than the other types. The pores, visibly more noticeable, are medium to large in size. Individuals with oily skin tend to experience recurring clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, and other blemishes. Key Description: Overactive.

  • For oily skin with no break-outs, order the L’BRI Deep Pore Skin Care Trio.
  • Exfoliate with either Rejuvenating Facial Peel or Exfoliating Face and Body Scrub. Exfoliating Face and Body Scrub is not recommended for blemished skin.
  • For oily skin with break-outs, order the L’BRI Oily Blemished Trio + KlearAway.
  • For additional blemish and oil control, we recommend L’BRI Clarifying Clay Masque.


  • Often excessively oily.
  • Frequent blemishes or acne.
  • Visible medium-to-large pores.

Excessively oily skin has many of the same traits as oily skin, but is characterized by excessive amounts of oil visible soon after cleansing, making it appear greasy or shiny. Many with excessively oily skin have to blot their skin several times throughout the day. Both oily and excessively oily skin can be affected by hormone levels as well as heredity.

Key Description: Extremely overactive

  • For skin that is excessively oily with blemishes or acne, order the L’BRI Oil Control Trio + KlearAway & Masque. KlearAway is specially formulated with blemish fighting ingredients to prevent new blemishes from occurring while speeding the healing of existing blemishes. Clarifying Clay Masque is formulated with two types of clay to speed healing and absorb excess oil.
  • Exfoliate with Rejuvenating Facial Peel. The Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub is not recommended for blemished skin.


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